Litigation law pertains to the rules and laws utilized to settle disputes in the court system. Litigation cases involve a plaintiff and defendant whose relationship is adversarial because each party desires for their side of the disagreement to be favored.

The job of a litigation lawyer is to present their client’s perspective on an issue to the judge in a way that increases their chances of winning the cases. Litigation lawyers are different from transactional lawyers in that transactional lawyers focus on assisting clients to manage and execute the transaction they desire to be carried out, informing clients of laws and regulations relating to that transaction, and helping them to draft contracts and other documents.

Litigation cases can quickly become complex due to a number of factors, including several witnesses and deponents, massive documentation, time constraints and large amounts of data. However, our attorneys have extensive experience in litigation law, so you can rest assured that no matter the elements involved in your case, it will be represented accurately and diligently.

Our areas of practice include commercial litigation, personal injury, creditor representation in bankruptcy, and real estate and probate.